X-GUARD Bio Chain oil from Husqvarna is a premium bio chain oil, based on renewable raw materials. X-GUARD is recommended as a year-round chain oil with a top-class lubrication and tackiness. Due to the tackiness, the oil consumption can be reduced without any risk for increasing wear. It also gives minimal amounts of residue on the machine. X-GUARD has an extremely high viscosity index, which means that the viscosity varies less with temperature and the chain oil works excellent in cold conditions too. X-GUARD Bio Chain oil exhibits very good anti-corrosive properties that gives very good storage stability after use of products. The product is readily biodegradable in soil and water, non-toxic for humans or the environment. EU Ecolabel certification makes it simple to know that the product is both environmentally friendly and good quality.

$13.95$199.00 Rec. retail price incl GST


Biodegradable Yes
Fluid viscosity 49.0 cSt
Performance level Biodegradability: >90% according to OECD 301 B/ F
Pour point -36 °C
Viscosity index 231
Volume on oil fuel & Grease0.1L 1L

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